Electric Vehicles and Web Sites – Huh?

Ok, So What Do Electric Vehicles  and  Web Sites Have  in Common

Well  for one  thing,  you.  Electricity,  the environment  and  making your own life  better, easier and  environmentally friendlier.  All the web sites  I do managed  hosting for  are on servers  that are optimised  to use  more  alternative  energy sources  like wind,  rain and  solar power.

Like  the electric  car is  seen today to be the  thing of the  future, so was  it with the web sites  twenty years ago.  Early adopters  could see  where it was  headed  but the fact is  like web sites,  electric cars  are more efficient at doing one thing well.  Connecting people.

Connecting People’s  the Thing

When people connect something happens,  good or  well  in some  cases not so good (in my case  one  glass of  red wine  and  my brains  leave the  room)  in others  great things happen  when like minds  egg each other on to greater things.

There are no secrets  on the web

When you write an email or  post a blog,  its not longer a  secret.  A  secret is  only a  secret if  you dont tell  anyone.  If you post it anywhere  on the  web someone  else  knows.

Social Networks

Being social means  congregating with people  and  chatting,  moving from group to group chatting and  sharing.  Social internet such as  Facebook, twitter are a  efficient fast effective form of  what humans  do naturally.  That’s  why they work.  No limits  and  lots  and  lots  of  link ups.  Yummy!

To chat to me  directly all you need  do is  click on the Facebook  or twitter link and the top.  Voila!  Soon you will be  driving electric  vehicles  too.VROOM!


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