Web sites and branding

When you are starting your branding exercise to grow your business – did you remember to ask yourself who your web site speaks to?


When building a web site people often do not know who their business speaks to.

This article from Entrepreneur Magazine says the following

“Company mission. This is the most important element of branding. Your mission is the spirit of your company, it’s the beating heart of what you do. In fact, your brand can be thought of as the outward expression of your company’s internal mission. Think of it this way: Why does your organization exist? What is it there for? You have assets, employees, vendors, relationships and internal systems. . . but why?
Values. What’s important to your company? What do you stand for? Every company has certain ideals that define what it is and does. These ideals could be environmental, social or ethical or could be standards of quality Whatever your company’s values are, they’re the very center of why you’re unique and are a crucial part of your brand.
Culture. Each company in the world has its own ethos — a particular style or panache. Whatever you call yours, embrace it. There may be a million competitors in your market space, but there’s only one you. Your company’s group culture is part of the fabric of who you are.
History. Your history tells a lot about you. Look to the company’s founders to help define your identity today. What were their values? What were they trying to accomplish? Every company came from somewhere. Your roots are an integral part of your company’s brand.
Plans. When you look at your next 10 years, where do you see yourself going? Your business plan and marketing strategy both influence how you present yourself and should be included in your branding. If you’re going after an entry-level market segment, don’t position yourself as a luxury brand. Your brand must encompass your real-world objectives.
Consumers. This is really what it’s all about. Your customers are the reason you exist. What are their needs? What do they think? Understanding your customers is a vital part of branding. Because if you don’t know whom you’re talking to, why bother to say anything at all?

It might take a bit of soul-searching to get at the essence of what makes your company special. The trick is to take a clear-eyed look and see what’s actually there. Because every brand is beautiful, every brand is inspiring.

So this starts with some soul searching, who are you, what do you stand for and how do you get this message to your buyers. Because in the end what they buy is not just the product you sell, its what you stand for. Your reputation, your ethos and how you treat the people who work with you.

We can help you to get to that core essence of what you and your company stand for and once its instilled, put it on the web so others can see and buy into your ethos and buy the products from your brand. Contact the CEO today to get a estimate of what, where, when , how long and how much on 0843351636 or for a faster response whatsapp her on that number with your email address asking for your super-charged web site if you want the full package or basic web site.

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