How Having Unlimited Internet Can Change Your Life

Using Unlimited Internet Can Change Your Life

Unless you have experienced the freedom of using unlimited internet access, it can be difficult to understand how free it makes you and how much free time you can have when on a superfast unlimited connection.

Terms you need to know and ask for

Broadband ADSL:- dial up or narrow band is very limiting as we all know and excruciatingly slow and in South Africa it can still be frighteningly expensive, when it should  be free.

Broadband because the same copper wires can be used with a much broader bandwidth for traffic due to the Asynchronised Digital Subscriber Line technology.

ADSL – Asynchronised Digital Subscriber Line technology faster down than up.

Subscriber – that’s you

Digital Subscriber – You on your land line phone (in RSA that’s  Telkom)

Land Line – means a physical cable, not the outright lie that Neotel Staff Salespeople try to mislead you with

CDMA – USA cellular mobile technology – NOT A LAND LINE!

Contention Ratio :- You need to ask about contention ratio’s which are the number of people who can be sharing the line at any time, lower is better.

When ordering Broadband (for true broadband it should be above 4Meg,2meg or 1meg according to your budget – FASTER is better) ask about the contention ratio and the terms and conditions of use. Do they, like MWEB have draconian clauses that preclude you from using the ‘unlimited’ in the package?  DO they have a fair use clause that will stop you downloading DVD’s every minute of every day? Not that you will want to.

Check before signing up to your Broadband package, be it with Afrihost, or whomever that your line is capable of the speed you are ordering.

Before you sign check that it is a pre-pay option for safety sake, post pay gets abused and the bank will penalise you for this, even if it is not your fault.

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