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Address:  Cape Town,7441

Tel: +27843351636 Fax: +27 86 540 4887

E-​mail: contact@​IncredibleSoftwareSolutions.​com

Inter­net: http://​www​.incred​iblesoft​wares​ol​u​tions​.co​.za

Description of our Business

IncredibleSoftwareSolutions is an internet based services provider, providing specialised services for enabling the power of the internet for everyday life.

 Description of our Services and Products

Our services and products include:

User friendly web development and design
Comprehensive directories of information for the Internet user.
Dynamic web sites that enable owners to have sole access
Static web sites that are easy to use with mobile devices
Internet advertising and marketing opportunities for owners of related facilities and services.
Internet based advertising and marketing opportunities for owners of business facilities and services.
Development of specific virtual destinations through collaborative community participation.
Custom development of bespoke programming in web and security based applications
Installation of linux/nix/Aindows/Apple heterogeneous environments in web and security based applications for stock and tracking control
Maintenance of heterogeneous environments of serity and web based control systems for lower long term costs
Wireless technology installation, maintenance & upgrades
RFID and NFC integration and control systems
Bespoke applications such as the uncrackable secure personal digital identity access control, storage,bank and passport id card.
Month to Month & Long term service contracts

The IncredibleSoftwareSolutions Web Sites

IncredibleSoftwareSolutions has two main web sites, one for the International markets, , and specifically built with information for the South African market in mind. IncredibleSoftwareSolutionsalso has built other linking web sites and ad portals such as and speciality sites being built for specific purposes such as 3.1.1 Information on the web is arranged per web site with each site specific for each international or local market.3.1.2 The web site structure is built with the search engines in mind as the most important ‘hidden’ feature of any web site. This enables your site to be found.

Internet Publishing and Marketing

We offer a comprehensive range of Internet publishing and advertising options for owners and businesses and SME enterprises who wish to advertise on the Internet.Marketing is also available for printed and virtual media such as road side electronic displays for a new way to advertise your web site or business with a low cost per display option or a total cost for a foxed display available this dynamic medium can blow your competitors out of the water with the moving media displayed on the electronic screens.

Development of Destinations

Incredible Software Solutions also participates in the development of online web site and offline destinations in collaboration with other organisations, groups or businesses. We provide the concept, to facilitate branding and implementation of virtual and physical destinations and integrate the facilities and services in a dedicated virtual or physically suitable area according to the target market desired by the clients end user.The development of these destinations is initiated through the empowerment and collaborative participation of community members. The promotion of the offerings of a whole community is one of the better ways to provide link building web sites that dynamically grow and create a search engine presence that is bigger than the e-footprint would suggest.

Development of custom bespoke web based application

Incredible Software Solutions also participates in the development of online web site and offline web based solutions, integrating small, medium and large networks for remote workers working from the factory floor to the outdoors with mobile phone, scanner and RFID readers. To enable secure locations that require best of breed electronic access control and stock control management systems for absolute peace of mind. With the human computer interaction model very clearly understood our systems integrating take into account the clients specialised situation for custom bespoke application. For fast effective shrinkage control through use of automated electronics with a full audit trail.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide the most comprehensive South African and International user experienced based designs and development of web based informational corporate and Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) business and affordable personal business e-commerce web experiences with the destination on the Internet and off-line to provide informative, appropriate and cost-efficient Internet based solutions to the benefit of our customers – organisations, businesses, local communities. Incredible Software Solutions vision is to provide best of breed bespoke and customised web based applications to keep overall costs lower for the customer, in some cases eliminating the need for costly computer server rooms and infrastructure on the premises, eliminating the need for expensive hardware. Part of vision is to provide best of breed bespoke and customised web based applications to keep overall


Our mission is to provide an attractive range of Internet based advertising, publishing,marketing and security options designed to encourage businesses and organisations to establish a working relationship and web based presence with us.We will achieve this by optimum use of Internet based technology, multiple cross-linking for maximum exposure, driven by our creativity and enthusiasm for superb bespoke service.

Our People

We have the right people and key performance measures to deliver our value proposition with with extensive experience in working with teams world wide to ensure that Incredible Software Solutions has the best talent available at very short notice.

Our Systems

We have sound systems in place that support our value proposition, by leveraging the power of the internet we have as big or as small a team as is needed given the size and scope of the planned project. This keeps cost low enabling Incredible Software Solutions to ensure low cost operation and best possible ROI available today. By using best of breed up to date and cutting edge technology we keep our equipment costs the lowest in the business. 6.Company Performance & Values The underlying corporate values underpinning the business approach of Incredible Software Solutions incorporate the following.

Foundational values

Resultant beneficial values

integrity and honesty
Customer service excellence
customer orientation
Customer support excellence
Community benefit
Commitment to results
Leading Edge Products
competitive edge
market innovator

Service feature values

Legacy values


 Why Use Incredible Software Solutions

Incredible Software Solutions  is cost effective in building and maintaining your web site, bespoke system. A reliable trustworthy supplier that can effectively drive any project forward by being organised, committed and available 24/7/365. By knowing what needs  to be managed  now  and  what can be  done in the most cost effective manner means  that clients  tend to stay longer and  are happy   with the open and consultative management style.

 By providing a web based platform for the web site, accessibility systems and security products, with Incredible Software Solutions   your ROI is assured. With our knowledge of how the web can be effectively used to expand the company profile and networking possibilities using social media and online exposure control.

  Exceptional knowledge of Internet Search Engines

Incredible Software Solutions  has extensive knowledge on internet based search engine technology and internet based search for productivity and user friendliness, ease of use and accessibility

 Extensive use of technology

Incredible Software Solutions  uses the latest and most stable technology to push the boundaries of what is possible today for a better return on investment in the platform that enables the user experience to be the most cost effective and least time wasting intuitive easy to use tool.

 Effective Internet Publisher

It is important to have a technology company that understand that the web is the way to go in all things, local and international and that by leveraging the power of the web you can create cost savings unimaginable under other circumstances.

 Effective, Dynamic Web Pages/Web Sites

By complimenting your business needs with an effective search engine friendly bespoke custom design web site your system can effectively control from floor to rafters any form of information. By ensuring that your interaction with the web is informative and fast, the productivity gains of an effectively designed package will see returns faster than the old method of discrete systems that are painful to integrate. From online e-stores to stock control integration into the online system, everyone can stay on top of the game whether your company is small, medium or even a large multinational corporation.

 Web Development

Standards based web development using open source technology to leverage the power of the software to create dynamic powerful and easy to use interfaces. 7.5 Hardware and Support Install hardware and support contracts for heterogeneous networks , design, installation and maintenance.

 SWOT analysis

 Relative Strengths



Small team
Quick to adapt to the market
Dynamic Structure
Flexible workforce
Low Operating cost,
Good Investment Opportunity
High Return on Investment
Creative Thinkers

 Relative weaknesses

The relative weakness of this company is the low base of current capitalisation which although not unusual for this type of tech start-up means the low base limits the opportunity for developing the product in bigger contractual environment, we deal with this by upscaling only when needed.

 Relative Strengths

The strength of this company lies in its founders’ visionary abilities to predict the market and the future technology needs for users to connect. An clear understanding of what the market currently has and what it will need in the near  future

 Unique Selling Points

This company is agile and effective at thinking out of the box to come up with often unique and effective solutions to difficult issues, with a clarity for detail and cost effective management of your network, software, hardware or technology based solution. The focus is always the customer and what the customer needs, what will bring the best result and what can the clients needs and requirements allow.

BEE Profile

This company is registered with the relevant DTI BEE authority as having the correct B-BBEE status and a profile on the dti B-BBEE Registry (and Opportunities Network).


Brief CEO Profile

Hilary Albutt runs Incredible software solutions  developing the new standard in data security. her history of excellence and attention to detail, having previously run her motor vehicle company with a reputation for exceptional excellence and commitment to her clients, which is still legendary, ten years after.

After being severely injured in a industrial accident and disabled and almost completely wheelchair bound, with her stubborn refusal to give up the fight to regain her mobility resulted in her getting back on her feet.

During this time she continued her studies into programming.Hilary had been a computer geek from high school where as a young woman she was told that “women cannot do computers”, the motor industry told her the same thing.

In her working career she started as the only female motor mechanic in South Africa, then technician, service advisor, then owner manager of her own firm.

A great self starter, this dynamic and determined woman has continued her history of customer focused service excellence and innovation with this endeavour.


10. Examples of Our Work

Previous and current clients include:

New Age London – Holistic Healing web site for a well known Energy Healing Master Trainer. This London Based business is a leader in using innovation to get the message across.

The – a site  built for  The Abahlali World PTY LTD, a  Johannesburg registered  company with its  roots in Bizana in the E.C.

New Social Networking Site for Africa by Africans. Jobs, Social Events & More
The Abahlaliworld

2011 – 2015

http://www.Abahlaliworld.Co started as a social networking platform whereby we would organize simplistic events to get people together to reconnect and catch up with no hidden agendas We also identified that like me, people were tired of the usual Johannesburg social scene of clubs and restaurant and wanted an environment to be free and be able to express themselves with no restrictions.

Hilary has 3 recommendation (3 clients) including:

New Age London

January 2004Present (8 years 5 months)

web site traffic growth, web site accessibility and advertising revenue.
Brand development, brand strategy development and statistics systems,Strategic Consulting on developing a cohesive strategy of growth in the web sphere for your web presence. Your partner in web and web based solutions.

Hilary has 3 recommendations  including:

New Age Therapies

February 2003Present (9 years 4 months)

Web development and design.
Hardware and networking support.
ADSL broadband support.
Search Engine Optimization.
Set up blogs which greatly improved SEO

Web Development , Flash, ecommerce Developer
Stop-smoking Ebook

February 2003Present (9 years 4 months) This web site has some unique
features in that it provides a money back guaranteed way to stop
smoking. The e-commerce features are there to allow instant
download once the payment has been processed.

This is  what the  client has  to say about the work;

“Hilary sees outside the box and has a deep understanding of many business issues that the business owner may not think of.” November 14, 2011 (London & Cape Town – South Africa)

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

1st Suzanne Zacharia
hired Hilary as a IT Consultant in 2002, and hired Hilary more than once and still do regularly today

This is  what the  client has  to say about the work;
The Abahlaliworld

“Hilary is not [just] a web developer but an business consultant. Before any work is done she intimately understands your business and provides sound advice on how to break up the end goal into manageable bite size chunks that are an SMME, I have referred her to other colleagues and have no doubt that they like me will have her as a service provider and mentor for life due to always getting more than what you pay for.” February 9, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

1st Andile Stofile
hired Hilary as a IT Consultant in 2011, and hired Hilary more than once since – A dynamic web site with e-commerce, now redeveloped as a CMS website that the client can change and which is highly optimizable. First page of Google for many search keywords and phrases. – Built specifically for the South African market’s specialised needs and is  currently being redeveloped and upgraded. – The online ebook ecommerce for the EFT Tapping and the worlds first such web site, IncredibleSoftwareSolutions has continued to push this company to try new and world first concepts in the web world. IncredibleSoftwareSolutions has continued to provide best of breed technology and concepts to help this enterprise grow to what it is today, one of the premier destinations for people who need help or wish to learn self help techniques that work. – This web site has some unique features in that it provides a money back guaranteed way to stop smoking. The e-commerce features are there to allow instant download once the payment has been processed. – Was built to extend the UK presence of South Africa’s biggest and best immigration agency, based in Cape Town this majestic company has franschises all over Africa and in other parts of the world and is still the largest most respected immigration agency in South Africa, helping thousands of people to come to South Africa to work, study, and play. IncredibleSoftwareSolutions provided a standards compliant CMS that is Google ready, analytics and tracked with email newsletter expertise to help grow the brand. IncredibleSoftwareSolutions provided the drive to grow this in web penetration. This is the web site to use if you are looking for a South African Visas. – Denis Gource-Bourge. This psychotherapist, counselor, NLP master and Life Coach needed a brand building excersize. IncredibleSoftwareSolutions provided the drive to make this happen. (London, UK)

This is  what the  client had  to say about the work;

“Hilary is an amazing professional.
She cares about you and she always does her very best to help and grow your business.
She’s talented as a Web designer as weel as a Marketing Coach and consultant.
She boosts you and push to reach you goals.” October 4, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

hired Hilary as a IT Consultant in 2006 – 2008

Astrocye – Networking, WIFI, firewall setup, FTP server setup, CVS server setup, repair and maintenance of co-location server based in Canary Wharf, London, UK. Setup mail exchanger MX and DNS domain controller. Hardware upgrades and supply of Windows 2003 Server and Linux machines. Specialist web standards-based design using CSS tableless structure, ASP, ASP2,, web development, application development, and heterogeneous networks for Apple Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The Bubble Laundry- This web site was built to help grow the local South African portfolio of web sites designed to be effective and show the way in user friendly web site design. These web sites are fully compatible with mobile devices and can be effectively used and updated via mobile phone. First page of Google for many search keywords and phrases.

BCRM – Hardware, networking and software integration services , web development of the BCRM brand and search engine optimisation consultancy. – A property company in E3 postcode area of London,

IncredibleSoftwareSolutions was employed to boost the company profile and provide effective search engine expertise. We succeeded and pushed their Google Rank up to page rank of 4 within four months, an unheard of achievement at that time in the industry. Using only ‘white hat’ techniques and good solid building techniques IncredibleSoftwareSolutions built web presence that is still effective today.

Chasedevonshire was the international property company in central London and South Africa,  IncredibleSoftwareSolutions was tasked with upgrading the international presence of this premium branded property company in the EU, UK and South Africa. IncredibleSoftwareSolutions built and upgraded their network to gigabit grade and upped their wireless security as well as  maintained  their web sites.

SteadfastInsuranceBrokers CC- Built CMS content management web site, with newsletter functionality and tri-lingual add-on for multi-lingual compatibility.

Steadfast Insurance Brokers

March 2010 – March 2012

Lindi contacted me to ask me to help her with her web site as it was getting no traffic. After doing a full analysis I presented a package that suited Lindi and she said yes. Lindi is a delight to work with and takes the lessons that came with the package with both hands. Took what I had to share and used it very effective even when converting her old email list to the new emailer newsletter software that was specially customised to match her brand new branding. Lindi is the kind of client I love to work with, patient and eager to succeed, her ethos of customer first is one I also practice.  Due to the current  economic  climate  Lindi Decided  that she  is  going to try her hand  at something new.  This is what she had to say when she canceled using the  standard Incredible Software Solutions Get out clause  of  30 days written notice.

“I just want to thank you for you have done for me in the past.  I do believe you are a amazing person and will be in contact should I be in need of services again.” – Lindi Samuels (Durban)



providing innovative solutions to a wide range of technical and security solutions for the 21st century. Web development and programming of open source software. Human and computer interactions. How to secure your workspace against information theft by using effective solutions.This is accomplished using innovative use of existing technologies and development of new ideas into viable platforms in short time frames.


sourcing products and solutions, providing creative ideas for new ways of doing business cost effectively using existing technology to extend the life hardware and software to benefit the bottom line

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