Ten tips to maximise your website

Ten Tips To Maximise Your Web Site

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These tips employ on-site and off-site tip to help you get the most out of your business, online and off.

  1. Make Sure It Loads in Under 8 Seconds – or Google Will Penalize you
  2. Keep the content fresh and new – By Keeping the content on your web site up to date and new, it does have to be factual.
    Be it something you know well or can pass on from an authoritative source. This builds trust with your audience and this is very important for any brand.
  3. Tell the truth – Sounds obvious doesn’t it? You would be surprised at how many new and even older business fall into this trap. Never lie to your clients, do not even stretch the truth a little as you will always be caught out.
  4. Follow through -This can be a bit confusing. What I mean is that just as with day to day relationships benefiting from follow through so does your audience. IFf you promise a tip everyday, follow through.
  5. Keep in Touch – Keep in touch means exactly that.
    Make sure you have some method of staying in touch, newsletter, email or phone calls.

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