Expect more – do more – get more

Expect the best

That is what you should be able to do with every web developer.  When you are looking for your new web site you will need to do some thing for yourself. Research the process, so to help you are are some common misunderstandings that you need to be aware of.

    1. When The Site is Ready “They will have filled it with content”

Not true, a web developer will provide what is called lorum ipsum text, so do ask.

A full service company like IncredibleSoftwareSolutions can provide this but it will require a bigger budget and a clear understanding of this by both parties from the get  go.

  1. They have to build my branding, even when I have nothing yet, my new web site will be my branding.
    Yikes! No you must be clear when giving the instructions,
  2. Brand Building costs and you must give a clear concise direction for your business, if you are new pick people who understand your business
  3. Pick people who will take the time to understand your business
  4. You do not automatically have the right to use the artwork or any part of the design in printed media – so ask how much extra this will cost for each iteration, print, TV, news, posters etc.
  5. Copyright is very important for the original author so do not copy and paste just because you can, you can be sued, it is also illegal internationally.
  6. Expect to pay upfront,
  7. This is a virtual world and you should always check  on the past history and reputation by asking past clients.
  8. Does your package include or exclude costs such as hosting, email and data?
  9. Of course you can choose the cheap packages, a lot of people on a limited budget do but it will not in most cases have the polish and the peace of mind getting a professional will bring to the table.

Call me, Hilary on 021-5567088 or directly on 0843351636 at any time to set up an appointment to discuss your options.  I can come see you in your office or at your  SOHO, I can also build it remotely by having the discussion over the phone. You can check on one such web site I built for Steadfast Insurance Brokers in Durban.

“Hilary, you are amazing you delivered far more than I expected”

– Lindi MD of Steadfast Insurance Brokers

We have retainer plans available from as little as R600 per month for copy writing and R3500 for search engine optimisation and web development. E-commerce Plans from R15000.00

Expect the best, Get More, Do More, Call me direct on 0843351636 or on 0215567088.

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