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Copy rights

Copy rights,where  an artists  right to own their original artwork or  code its  quite  a bit more  expensive. By a factor of  ten  to own your web site outright.  We  work on a  retainer  basis  and unless your  own artists  supplied  the  artwork,  where  they own the copyright unless  you have  agreed  in writing otherwise.  We  alwasy retain  the rights to the  code  and  artwork we originate.

So if  you ask  us  to design and  develop  your  site you need  to be  clear about this  because  its  expensive  to own a  web site  royalty free. Instead of  a  basic  site costing only from R4500  per  year  all including email, no data  charges  and  managing the  site  updates  for  you,  it would cost  upwards of  R80 000.  Just for the you to have the  right to take the  web site  with you –  all code  is  GPLv3  so you cannot own that either.

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