Network of friends are essential

“i haven’t got any friends”

How many times have you heard this one? In business it can be fatal. Its the same on the web as it is in the real world.

By making sure that your network of suppliers and clients are in some cases your friends and in all cases where possible, loyal your business will succeed.  In the same way that you will update your friends at home, so should you update your clients so they feel part of that loop.

I have always advised my clients to do a regular update or blog, be it property or  Insurance you must keep your clients up to date and motivated to be involved. From facebook to twitter, these are all doing one thing for you – keeping your friends,clients and suppliers informed and involved in your life.  By providing these platforms they do often choose to keep an eye on what you are doing.

The benefits are multiple & long term.

More and more people are realising that staying in touch is as important today as it was when the world had more time and ran at a slower pace and the worlds wealth was based on physical, not virtual goods.  Yet that said the total value of the economies have increased while the actual weight in goods has dropped.

As the future is virtual and the ineffectual property is worth more than all the gold in the ground, it is vital that you look after your clients and suppliers by staying in touch.

You need to do this, so to find out how, contact me on 0843351636 and ask me about your repeat business marketing.

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