Basic Starter

What is different about this offer?

Incred​ibleSoft​wareS​ol​u​tions CC is providing a managed service and  for R6500  design fee*  and  R550 pcm you get ;

  1. Your own domain name  in a dot com.(if available, we can try other derivatives or  get more to protect your  name  at R300  each per  year)
  2. You get up to three email addresses of you at your domain or for both please  add R300  for the  domain.
  3. Unlimited emails with up to three  email addresses.
  4. Affordable  price, monthly payments  for  hosting.
  5. You can log in at any time and update, add remove, insert pictures, video etc.  No Limits.
  6. The site is fully Search Engine Ready.
  7. It will appeal more to clients who want to be able to take you seriously locally and overseas
  8. The clients will not be distracted by other competitors.
  9. You look after the content & The technical stuff you leave up to me.

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