Basic +1

What is different about this  ‘no hassle’ offer?

The Basic +1  offer provides a managed service and  for the discounted offer of R7800 upfront & R550pcm you get:

    • Your own domain name  in a dot com.(if available, we can try other derivatives such as  dot you can also  buy more  to bracket  your  domain  and  protect  your business from cyber-squatters)
    • You get up to ten(10) email addresses of you at your domain with huge  storage up to 2Gigabytes – more  than most people  need  in ordinary business  usage
    • Unlimited emails –  seriously  no limit  to the  volume  in your  account
    • Unlimited data – I promise there is no catch, because the site is hosted overseas you get the benefit of their cheaper data charges (as in free – so I pass that on to you) please  do not confuse  this  with your  home ADSL  connection  which  we  do not supply (yet!)
    • No more monthly fee’s, you pay once per annum.  ( if you need  to pay it off  monthly you can pay by credit card and  choose  budget payment if your  card provider  supports it ) no worrying that your  site will go down should there be  a snaffoo…
    • The site is fully Search Engine Ready.
    • It will appeal more to clients who want to be able to take you seriously locally and overseas
    • The clients will not be distracted by other competitors.
    • You look after the content, easily and  at no cost  from us  when you update it yourself.You can log in at any time and update, add remove, insert pictures, video etc.  No Limits.

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