Ecommerce – From Starter to Big Hitter

What is different About This Package?

E-commerce, SME, CMS?

It Is For Your Established Business That Has To Provide
The Next Level In CustomeOnline Storesr Sales & Service Competitively, Cost Effectively.

With the pre-existing infrastructure you already have you can maximise your footprint and conversions with a proper e-commerce web site.

Full Checkout,Delivery, Online Stores Are More Cost Effective  for the ROI  Than Building a Physical Store.

From Basic starter packages customised to be your business online to the full integrated CMS that sells for you while you are asleep and updates the stock sold online with the stock in the store, I can offer you solutions that will astonish you.

What E-commerce Starter  Has  That  You  Need

With our E-commerce Starter  you can start to get your company on the path to growing your successful business into a more successful one and a smaller business into a much bigger business.

From as little as R35 000 per year you get an online store that gets you paid before delivery and lets you know by email every time you have made a sale.   This  software as a  services  allows  your business the flexibility and freedom to expand  without the employment issues  that make  having a  small  business  very difficult.

By growing your business footprint online instead of the  expensive way in building complete stores, you maximise your profits and grow the business in the downturns and make it fly in the upturns.

Once  off  projects

Should  you wish to  pay once  and  have  someone  else  host the  new  web site,  prices  start from R85 000 with 80% deposit paid  upfront.

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