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Sites Built, Designed and Managed By Incredible Software Solutions

Having built and designed a number of custom, bespoke designs for various clients over the last ten years, one thing we excel at is building web sites that understand what users want and what search engines require to be successful.

We also work with teams and other designers to put up our managed product. Please remember that if you wish to own the copyright outright read more here

Software as a Service, Managed  Site’s & Search Engine Optimised Designs

In today’s  ever changing world  where  more  and more people are connected online  24/7/365 and  work is  play,  software no longer needs  to be tied  to your  desktop. Neither does your  business.  We  provide  a  service  and  that service helps you to get more  foot  traffic.

How  much would you expect to pay to improve your business? Do you have  a business?

From as low as R5500,00 you can start your own business today!

You never have to worry  about the  web again. 

With us  your  site  stays  up 

We  do the worrying



With my By More.Get More – for less package you can have it all. From only R35 000 for that business that needs that big hitter.Call me today on 084 335 1636.

Annual Retainer Fixed  Fee  – For  Peace  of  Mind

For  a  fixed  annual retainer  we  provide  you with hassle proof web presence that provides  your  clients  with your  own specially crafted copyrighted information that you supply.

We  build, own & run the   technical stuff .  NO worrying about hardware failures, tech budgets you don’t understand  or any of  the other fiddly bits. 

You tell us  what you want, we  work with you to design the  best option for your budget.

We will never hold you if you want to leave.

We  will miss you but all those lovely  things  you have come to accept as  normal,  the hand  holding,  the  emotional and teaching support.  That we get to share  with other lovely people.  The software we  get to keep as  well.  So that more  lovely people  can get the benefit of  Free  as in Liberty,not free as  in gratis  code.  In short we  charge you  for our labour, not our  code.

Software as a  service  relies on good old  fashioned  hard work getting paid  for it.  The software sits  somewhere  else  on the  net and  you get the benefit of  its use.

Copyright: The  Small Print Made Bigger  for  an Informed  Decision.

Of  course  if you supply the  logo you own the copy right to that , right?  Only   if  you paid  your designer  for  the logo (or any artwork) and they gave you written permission, in other words the  right to use  as you see  fit, we  can use it on the web site  but we  will insist  on getting that proof.

This is the same with code,  today with all the technical bits being supplied  by people we have never even met owning all the code means  we have to employ  massive teams, code from scratch and  charge accordingly.

Using other peoples  open sourced  frame works  usually (bot not always) means better security, smaller budget and  shorter time to completion.  This depends on you and  what you require, so talk to me, Hilary on 0843351636 and  we can chat about , time, schedules, desired outcomes  and  the like.


We Provide  Support

Part of  the  peace of mind is  knowing we  will go the extra mile for you,  so you panic,  we  hold you hand.  Need help with your first posting or  first page?  No worry we  are with you every step, every click, every tremor, we  steady your hand and show the way.

Training?  Sure thing!

Part of  every project is  the  knowing we  will provide  up to four hours  training, click for  click on how to log in, put new  posts and  pages,  how to set up your  categories, sections  or  newsletters.

Want extra training?  No problem  for R 650  for  per hour one on one  face to face or  R450 virtual training we  will talk you through the  process.

Call  084 335 1636  to start today.




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