S E O – Search Engine Optimisation

Google,Yahoo, Bing, Search Engines Having a web site that cannot be read by a blind person means that like the very disabled people who cannot access your content, Google , Bing, Yahoo, Altavista,Hotbot, Yandex cannot either. No search engine to share your content and that is the nub of it.

No search engine = no income.

Search Engine Optimisation – Services

With out a professional you are pretty much stuck to doing it yourself, if that is what you wish to do sign up to my newsletter  here and then you can do some yourself.

What do you pay me for if I give this information away for free?

Because there is so much more to it and it is very very labour intensive.  It is also another reason I get paid in full in advance because of the nature of what I do is not something you can touch or feel but something that like a good crop takes time to grow and seed.  This takes  capital I would otherwise not spend unless it was specifically for a client.  I recently wrote an update to one of my longest running clients of 3(three) years, yes three years. Unheard of  in this industry but its because I get results.  From just 195 visitors (uniques)  to well over 1 8 000 in that time. With over 37 000 yes thirty seven thousand regular readers who choose to regularly read the web site’s new content.

Once the first  three, six or twelve month  contract is up the contract is month to month. So for the past three years I must have been doing something right.  I can also track when the client has stopped for a month or so (I suppose just to see if its still working) and guess what a significant drop in relevant traffic by almost half.

What you need to ask your SEO provider

  1. Is there a guarantee?  (trick question – the answer should always be no)
  2. How long before you get me results?  – between one to three months minimum.
  3. Can I pay you after you get me the business? – Sorry no. Risk is too high for us that some people will claim they did the work.  For this reason we do a minimum month baseline first.
  4. My SEO specialist said it was not necessary to know my business, is this true?  No – You pay me an upfront fee so that I can spend the time getting to know your business. (shhh its all confidential so no-one else knows the specifics of  what you share with me, I promise)
  5. I paid him and he does not call me or have a web site, what do I do? – Keep trying but I am sorry to say in South Africa, there has been a surge of unemployed con artists using the respectable seo industry to fleece unwitting people of their money.  You best go to a small claims court or speak to your legal team.

How Do You Proceed From Here??

Call me to discuss your options, from reworking the code on the web site to keywords, linking and reputation management you have options.

Reputation Management

The ones including reputation management start from R5500 pcm plus costs, the cheaper options include one free web site, email basic package you can update yourself.

How It Works

You pay a deposit for the first month and thereafter once the site is ready you pay the monthly fee in advance.

The first month would be the cost of the deposit and the SEO fee in full in advance to give your business a jump start!  This gives me time to get the SEO strategy planned to include the web site from the get go and can normally get Google to index the site within four weeks.

Today You Have Options, I Advise You On What is Best, You Choose

According to what you can afford and have planned for adspend.

SEO is part of the advertising spending you should spend every month to promote awareness of your brand, business and product.  With tracking and proof of what who is doing what we can guide you to what you need to do.  In today’s market being so over crowded you should really plan to spend something on regular monthly SEO as soon as you can afford to.  I do not hide links, spoof people or use any techniques that will get your web site banned from the major players in the search engine market today.

That I guarantee you, I will not do anything that breaks their rules or get your banned.

No promises, just past history as proof.

Call me on 0843351636 to discuss your business future today!

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