Social & Web and Society – How to Stay Connected With Family Using The Web

The days of having to build a web site before you could blog are gone.  Now to get a free web site blog, go to and go for it if you have a little tech savvy set up your own, if you don’t then sign up to one of theirs.

But what if you want to keep your privacy? Keep your email and all your details under your control and you want to stay in touch?


Then build your own or get someone like us to build for you.  When we build it for you , you decide on what you want. Need a video blog (vlog) to keep in touch with your family?  Then we sort that out for you. Have a little more budget? Then we build a group video streaming application in which all the family can chat live with everyone else.

Add that web site we build for you to properly unlimited non-speed restricted ADSL Broadband and you can stay online with your family all day, every day and never be alone.

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