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What you need to do after installing RecordMyDesktop and Audacity


It occured to me that some people reading this might not know how to install both these items.

FYI there are two methods that are commonly used. alt+f2 x-term or the software centre

If you use the terminal shell then the usual sudo apt-get install audacity&&RecordMyDesktop

Once you have installed them both remember to check the sound inputs are being picked up by the programs and with both running turn the sound down on Audacity or you will get feedback.

Being a linux geek, I often forget that people need help. I got a client support request for what to me is a simple task. Get RecordMyDesktop and audacity to work at the same time for a trainer to be able to provide training videos.  I did this while doing a few other things so please forgive the clunkiness of the video as it is my first attempt.

The audio is started first and is audio describing the whole process the video is started afterwards and finished first. Necesary to show how the system works – in some cases can crash if your machine is low powered.

The video below is in WebM format, if you cannot see it please do let me know

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